TB Classic Four Stripes Wool Jacket


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??⚪️TB Classic Four Stripes Wool Jacket
Same style for men and women: 0-4 yards
From an OEM factory specializing in sweater production for more than 50 years.‼ ️Only available in the market This type of sweater requires 50 “year-old” old equipment to weave the density of genuine products‼ ️The most important thing is that only one set of equipment can be used to shape a size‼ ️It is equivalent to saying that our 4 sizes of clothes are exquisitely made with 4 sets of equipment

The “Harbie” style cardigan cutting design with patented grosgrain color strips and four-bar elements is a must. It is practical and will never go out of style.

The favorite items of various Internet celebrities, the outstanding matching reflects the highest charm of individual fashion trends. Whether it is worn inside or outside, there are always endless intriguing…

Autumn/Winter ?Th*m brow*e/TB Classic four-bar wool suit is a must-have style for almost everyone who loves TB. Whether it is the tailoring design or the outline of the wear, it can outline the “hobbit”‘s injection of fashion soul.

Fine merino virgin wool for customers. Soft, solid, oily and delicate in color. It is different from the blended type of fake wool in the market. There is no comparison. You can understand the texture by weighing it with your hands.

The natural real shell-polished buttons are extremely precious, and each one has a natural lustrous charm. The yarn-dyed weaving process of the four-bar knitted intarsia allows the ingenuity to create a beautiful and unique sense of fashion.

The grosgrain ribbon on the placket is also a unique design. From the perspective of color and the uniformity of the thickness of the stripes, it is enough to make ordinary Low goods have nowhere to hide.

?Same style for men and women Color: navy blue/gray

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