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Thom Browne spring and summer new
Classic all-wool four-bar casual trousers~?Purchase level SIZE: 0-4 yards
⚠️Original dismantling analysis custom weaving ?% all-wool fabric is definitely not a low-quality product in the market (low wool content or even no wool content)
⚠️Full laser positioning and cutting, the whole set is close to 5M fabric consumption, and the ZP quality is restored at any cost
⚠️The whole garment is made of hemp lining, which is the lining material that all big-name suits will use. The most important thing is that the hemp lining needs to be handmade with extremely high craftsmanship
⚠️Customized ZP main mark, washing mark, natural horn buckle, Taiwan 24K IP electroplating gold buckle
⚠️Customized 2.35cm three-color ribbon
⚠️Custom-woven Japanese imported three-color cupro ammonia silk inner lining
⚠️Choose domestic first-line brand OEM factories to make

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